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Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

Her songs are on everyone’s lips. Even one of my preschool students is not only singing “Fancy” but spitting out, “First thing first I’m the realest.” Now, granted when she does it, it sounds more like, “First thing first I da reelish.” Sounds more like she’s proclaiming that she’s a condiment, but that is neither here nor there. What is here right now, is Iggy Azalea and her amazing rising star. Originally from Australia, the 23 year old rapper is undeniably beautiful with some catchy tunes, but can she stand the test of time? Where will this “Fancy” artist be in the future?


Iggy doesn’t sing. Let’s just be done with that. But rapping is a talent all in itself, and she’s a pretty darn good rapper. Seriously, listen to her skills on “Work.” She’s got the laid back rhymes and she’s got some rapid fire stuff, too. She’s no Miss Elliot, to whom I hold every rapper, male and female. Missy is everything and more, and I can’t wait for her new album. But as for Iggy, I think that as time goes on maybe she’ll be able to “work work work work on her Sh$&” and be one of the best rappers in the business and not just the best white female rapper.

Here’s her video of “Work.” By far the best thing she’s done yet. Warning… this is the explicit version


Live Performance

Well, there’s definitely no way that she could be auto tuned. And if she can lip sync to her rapid fire rhymes, then more power to her because lip syncing to raps is incredibly difficult! If you don’t believe me, go to a drag show and see how many queens try to do Nicki Minaj. There’s not many because they all know that is TOUGH!

As I go through all of her live performances on YouTube, I’m finding nice stuff, but none of it is spectacular. She isn’t awful, but she’s not perfect either. And I know that she’s a rapper and rappers don’t really dance, but she doesn’t do much. Her stage presence isn’t everything I want and more.

I think it’s that she doesn’t give good face. Most rappers- female especially give good face. They act out what they are saying. Nicki Minaj is probably the best at it right now. She’s not afraid to ugly up her face to get her point across. Iggy seems a little too scared to screw up her model like looks. The only reason I prefer her videos to her live performances is because she has some slick looking videos playing on pop culture including two of my favorite movies, Showgirls and Clueless. It’s just not not up to snuff, Miss Thang.

Nikki Minaj funny face

Nicki: Really Miss Thing?


Quality of Songs

This is where Iggy shines. Her songs are ear worm GOLD. First things first, her production is the tightest. It’s never overdone and never too little. It’s always just right. Take her smash hit “Fancy.” It just starts off with a plucky synth hook that you just can’t get out of your head. Then come some simple snaps and add some “Heys.” Finally top it all off with Charlie XCX’s Gwen Stephani-like vocals like a delicious cherry on a sugary sweet, but delicious ice cream sundae. It’s a tight track. And to be quite honest, I LOVE a sassy lady hip hop track. It’s what keeps me going after a long run or a bad breakup.

There are some rumors that Iggy has ghost writers. You know I’m talking to you, Nicki Minaj. But Atlanta rapper/ hip hop mogul, TI (who is Iggy’s mentor), assures the public that Iggy writes all of her own stuff. I happen to love her rhymes although they might not be the most innovative at times. I mean, “First things first I”m the realest?” Really Iggy? Unless you’re being super ironic, which I don’t think you’re trying to be your an Australian chick who raps with a southern accent. Is that REALLY the realest? But I will say, on “Work,” she spits brilliance. “Valley girls giving blow jobs for Louboutins. What you call that? Head over heels?” Way to tell it like it is, Iggy.

You can see Iggy and TI work it out together in “Murda Bizness,” which is just an OK song, but I love this music video since they parody Toddlers and Tiaras. Get ready to have this one stuck in your head for forever as well:


Originality and Style

I will give Iggy this. She is the first pasty blonde female rapper to hit it big. And for that, she gets huge originality points, but other than that I find that she has become the same ol that every pretty girl rapper has become. Missy had her rapid fire rhymes. Eve had her oh so cool laid back style. Lil Kim took her overt sexuality and shoved it down everyone’s throat, just like a man. I think that her story is very original. It’s not every day that you have a top 10 hip hop artist who’s blonde from very poor beginnings in Australia. That’s probably why “Work” is my favorite song of hers. It’s the most unique voice I’ve heard from her. If she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to take the Macklemore route and rap about what she TRULY knows. She has a crazy sense of style that would make an awesome song, rather than rapping about Louboutins for the millionth time. Heck, I would love a song about her life down under.

walk a mile in these l

We get it Iggy, you, like every other hip hop artist, like nice shoes… REALLY original.


X Factor

She’s got this. I don’t know if it’s because she’s disgustingly beautiful, but Iggy has the X Factor. Sadly though, I don’t like watching her in interviews. She comes across pretentious and over it all. But when she’s onstage performing, even though she doesn’t give good face, even if her rhymes are a little off, I love watching her. Maybe it’s because I just want her to be a runway model. Clocking in at 5’10” with a walk to make Miss J Alexander say “Heeeey, Miss Thang,” Iggy would be a phenomenal runway model. Her body is sick. Seriously, she’s all legs and booty, with a teeny-tiny waist. In fact, she was already named “The New Face of Levi Jeans.” As much as I love some of her music, I wish that rap was just her secondary thing. Maybe that’s why we’re all so caught up in Iggy, she’s a drop dead gorgeous girl with mediocre talent.

Miss J Alexander

Oh girl! You IS so fancy!


I am so torn. On one hand, you have some catchy songs rapped by a beautiful girl. On the other hand, you have a second rate pop star who doesn’t seem to care enough to really give it her all. I want Iggy to be so much better because she’s an underdog. She’s a white female rapper in an African American male dominated industry. I want there to be diversity in EVERY genre of music. Nothing makes me happier than seeing an African American opera singer or an Asian hip hop dancer. But Iggy just isn’t being everything I want and more right now. Maybe she’ll grow a little more in a couple of years, but if not I see her on some MTV reality show with her latest hip hop boyfriend, not looking too fancy.

Iggy last o meter