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With the new picture of Wonder Woman’s costume wizzing around the internet faster than Miley Cyrus memes recently, I thought that it would be a good idea to countdown my favorite female superhuman costumes in film. Now, note certain words in that last statement. One, female- don’t expect any dudes. Two, superhuman, so they don’t have to be a superhero… nor do they need to be from a comic book. Three, film, and so PLEASE don’t get mad at me when I don’t put Julie Newmar’s Catwoman nor Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman on this list. Fourth and finally, this is all about the costumes, not the portrayal of the character, who played the, or even the character itself. I am going for PURE costuming here folks… and so should you;)

10. The Cat, played by Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises

SUPER Anne Hathaway Cat

Let’s start the list with probably the most simple, yet elegant of all of the costumes on the list. It’s Anne Hathaway, with her most banging body to date in a very slinky cat suit, a mask, and cat ears. I love how they made the cat ears actually have a purpose. Her cat ears were actually night vision goggles to help her with all of her schemes both with and against “The Bat.” It’s not as Va-Va-Voom as some of the other Catwomen have been, but it’s definitely both sexy and functional.

9. Elastigirl, voiced by Holly Hunter in The Incredibles


Really Catherine? An animated movie? YES! The Incredibles is not only a playful and fun jab at the superhero genre but also a darn good movie, and I love Elastigirl’s final costume. It’ s design is simple and elegant with a powerful color scheme… and to be quite honest, kinda hot. I hope that when I’m a mother that I can still wear thigh high boots and still look that smoking hot. But then again, I’m not a superhero… nor a cartoon.

8. Sif, played by Jaimie Alexander in Thor: The Dark World

Sif Jamie Alexander THOR

I know that you have to stick to the comic book story and blah, blah, blah, but seriously, in what world would Thor choose whiny Jane Foster over the amazingly Amazonian-like Sif? Look at her! This is probably the costume that shows the least amount of curves but it’s hot and strong at the same time. Unlike the new Wonder Woman Costume, this keeps the old school costume design, but still looks like it would be functional. In her Asgardian armor she could kick butt not only along side the boys but lead those boys to victory. Goddess of war indeed!

7. Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansen in The Avengers

ScarJo Black Widow

Yes, Black Widow was in Iron Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter’s Soldier, but I like her look in The Avengers the best. One, I know that it’s dumb to have a girl fight in heels, but I’m not gonna lie… being in heels makes me feel a smidgeon more powerful. In this costume, she’s wearing wedge heels- the perfect combination to kick some serious butt and still feel like a sexy lady. Two, the lethal yet sexy utility belt and wrist gauntlets for ultimate butt kicking. And three, she’s chopped off her locks in The Avengers, which is, let’s face it, better for taking down the bad guys.

6. Poison Ivy, played by Uma Thurman in Batman & Robin


Hold up! You are seriously not referencing the Batman movie where Batman and Robin had nipples on their suits, are you? Yes, I am! Because despite the fact that they missed the mark on the rest of the costumes, I LOVE Poison Ivy’s. First, her hair! She has the 90’s two bun thing going on top of her head and I love every second of it! Then, the leaves as her eyebrows is pure campy gold! Lastly, the gloves with the red fingertips that look like pedals are simply spectacular. And top it all off with Uma in a green body suit with legs for days. Yes ma’am.

5. LeeLoo, played by Mila Jovovich from The Fifth Element

mila jovovich leeloo

Don’t you dare argue with me on this one. No, this may not be your typical DC or Marvel Comic Book Lady, but she is indeed Superhuman. Her original costume, although every nerdy boy’s fantasy is not the costume of which I speak. I’m talking about the gold lame leggings, crop top shirt, combat boots, plasticy, orange Borat like suit on top and some fluorescent orange dreadlocked hair to match. I love when you can date a movie that takes place in the future. The costumers always adhere to the some of the trends of the age (crop tops and combat boots in the 90s) and add something off the wall to make it “in the future” (the fluorescent orange suit on top).

4. Silk Spectre I & II, played by Carla Gugino and Malin Akerman from The Watchmen


Silk Spectre II

My first and only tie on this list. These costumes are quite different. Both appeal to the aitch of two very different eras. The first, the 1940’s with a corset, cute little flowing skirt, and fishnet stocking (not tights mind you, but thigh high stockings). The other is a more modern 1980’s Lyrca costume with the same thigh high stockings, but this time completely opaque. Both are very sexy in their own right, and although neither of them seem to be good for butt kickings (no one can run well in stilettos), appeal to the fun kitsch factor of this seedy comic book underworld.

3. The Bride, played by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, Volume 1

The Bride, Kill Bill

You all know which costume I’m talking about. That iconic black and yellow one in which she annihilated all of the Crazy 88s. If we’ve learned one thing from this list, it’s keep it simple. Simple colors and simple lines will win every time. This iconic yellow jumpsuit is absolutely perfect for kicking some serious butt. And although this is probably the most masculine of all of the costumes on the list, still gives Beatrix Kiddo a hint of femininity at the same time. I mean, only a true lady would match her shoes with her killing suit. I can’t think of one girl who wouldn’t want to pretend to be Beatrix Kiddo for a day.

2. Catwoman, played by Michelle Pfieffer in Batman Returns


Besides Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfieffer is by far the the best Catwoman ever, and I think some of it is that costume. It is so Tim Burton-esque that you can feel the Danny Elfman music coming from those iconic white stitches. I also love that during the entire movie, you can see her costume coming undone… just as Selena Kyle is becoming undone emotionally and mentally. By the end of the film you see Pfieffer’s trademark blonde locks coming from the hood of the outfit. And her “tail” is actually her whip… that she plays jump rope with while destroying a department store. Everything you could ever want and more.

1. Mystique, played by Rebecca Romijn in XMen


OK, Jennifer Lawrence is a great Mystique, too, but let’s let Miss Rebecca have this one. And I know too that some of you might be saying that this really isn’t a costume, but you can kiss my blue butt! Or rather, you can kiss Mystique’s blue butt. The makeup for Mystique is remarkable. Not to mention that every time she shape shifts that the CGI effects are some of the coolest I’ve ever seen. And, it takes a lot of confidence for a woman to be on screen in pretty much just blue body paint and nothing else. Another big plus: the yellow contact lenses, they’re super creepy and a lot of fun. Men (no matter who you love), you HAVE to admit that she’s hot, and that you would LOVE to have her kick your butt. Ladies (no matter who you love), you have to admit that she’s hot and that you would LOVE to have her kick your butt. Don’t argue with me on this one… you know I’m right.

Agree with me? Disagree? Let me know how dead on or dead wrong I am!