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Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Groot Nobody believed it was possible for a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie to overtake the Guardians of the Galaxy but that’s absolutely what happened. TMNT opened at just over $65 million, surpassing all expectations and causing Paramount to go forth with a sequel announcement for 2016. In the game Nathan continues to creep up on Stephen and Bill’s scores but the turtles helped keep Stephen holding the 2nd place spot. The other games are complete with Michelle winning the Contributor 2 block and Alan winning the Listener block! Bidding for the next game will be happening shortly. Let us know if you wanna play!

The Rules Each player gets $100 virtual bucks to bid on the films within a four month period that they believe will make the most box office through the first four weekends of release. Then throughout the period the numbers are tallied and the smack talk rages! Wanna play with us? Send us an email requesting to join the next round!

This week’s actuals

Contributors 1Stephen $515,355,476.00 Bill $691,921,446.00 Nathan $430,928,455.00 Mike $183,611,266.00 Dwayne $306,873,947.00 Contributors 2 Catherine $386,272,233.00 Zach $413,884,361.00 Oz $421,345,847.00 Michelle $462,726,450.00 Hector $205,865,136.00 Listeners 1 Ada $226,181,784.00 Tina $272,256,950.00 Alan $480,585,298.00 Niko $432,938,534.00 Jon $391,470,878.00