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Next Wednesday the epic sequel to Sharknado hits Syfy with a splash. To promote the premiere the director and stars of Sharknado 2: The Second One sat down to get pelted with questions by the press. The ball got rolling in the interview pretty quick with a discussion by Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox, Ian Ziering, and director Anthony Ferrante about the bevy of special fx shots in the film. Ferrante explained that there are over 700 fx shots in the film but the use of green screen is minimal. It seems that the majority of the green screen work features Ian Ziering in a harness flying somewhere. The film was shot in February and was delivered complete to Syfy a few weeks ago so all 700 instances of CGI were completed in just a few months.

It’s funny how the public latches onto these sorts of films here and there such as Sharknado and previous to that Snakes on a Plane. Tara Reid said that they never expected the film to become so popular.

It was definitely shocking for all of us. We had no clue signing on to the movie that this would be this phenomenon. So you know, it was – a great and kind of shocking experience.

The simple and obvious question was finally raised “what can we expect from this movie?” and Tara Reid gave up the obvious answer “More sharks”. but Vivica A. Fox also promised a bevy of celebrity cameos:

I was really pleasantly surprised how many people wanted to be a part of this film when they saw it. It’s like, famous faces just keep popping up. And it’s just an awesome surprise…we had Matt Lauer, gosh, Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan, and lots more that you have to stay tuned to see.

This franchise works within some tight boundaries as far as filmming schedule and budget and director Anthony Ferrante may have given us the one story element executed due to these boundaries that will make this sequel the most entertaining:

…we’re set it in summer but any weird weather when you’re shooting in February make it part of the story, (Syfy advised) which liberated us. So we didn’t have to go, we have to hide the snow. And that really adds to the look and feel of the movie.

Basically it truly sounds like the filmmakers tried to stick a shark everywhere they could in this upcoming movie and Tara Reid concurs:

I mean they could go anywhere. Sharknado is, you know, wherever it comes. So they could go anywhere from inside hospitals to the Met Stadiums to subways to the street to you name it, a shark could be there. The Empire State Building.

Nuff said? The film premieres Wednesday July 30th on Syfy