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Directed by: Daniel Stamm
Written by: David Birke, Daniel Stamm
Starring: Mark Webber, Rutina Wesley, Devon Graye, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Tom Bower, Ron Perlman

What if life was a game and we were the players? Every move we made would directly affect our lives and hell may even change history. What would you play for? What would you risk? It is a very intriguing concept to think about. I know for me, as a competitive person, I would really get into it; especially if it involved winning a big prize, or at least bragging rights! From the director of THE LAST EXORCISM, comes a film that explores this idea, 13 SINS.

The Movie

13 SINS tells the story of a guy named Elliot, an average Joe with a hot fiancé who gets thrust into a life reality game in order to win financial happiness after just losing his full time job. 13 tasks stand before him and all the money in the world to provide for him and his future wife. He can play the game but he is not allowed to tell anyone that he is playing and if he fails to do a challenge or quits a challenge he will lose every penny he earns. So duh!!!!! He decides to play and sure the tasks start out simple, but quickly each task grows in intensity. Each meant to provide more money to Elliot’s bank but also to challenge his perception on his own life. You quickly realize that this sinister game is not meant to be played, but meant to play you! It’s like the movie SAW meets IDENTITY!


The Video

The video is shown in a widescreen anamorphic presentation 2.40:1 on a standard DVD disc. It is in full color and is very clear. I felt that the way scenes were shot made the story flow a little more intense. The prime example of this is the opening sequence. I think it was the perfect way to start the movie… some old geezer giving a jacked speech, cutting off a woman’s finger, and killed reaching for a circus ringing phone really drew you in and very much left you with a WTF moment. Every angle in that whole sequence just kept your eyes open.


The Audio

Sound was Dolby digital 5.1 and really tied the movie together. You know when you watch the movie SAW and the little jingle of the clown or the voice of Jigsaw just makes you remember everything distinctly. That damn 13 SINS cell phone ringtone will never leave my mind. I swear if I hear that in real life I will probably freak out. The sounds in the film were eerie and the music between scenes and stressful situations just heightened the sensations of watching this film. Especially in what I believe was task 5 or 6 with the coffee shop.


The Packaging And Extra Features

With the DVD case covered in a lovely sleeve depicting Elliot on puppet strings. You immediately get a sense that any player can be altered or controlled, which is true within the movie. The packaging was very appealing, as for the extra features, blah blah blah not needed. Ok the commentary was great, and kudos to Ron Pearlman great actor and great thought process. As far as the alternate ending it was definitely not needed, and the deleted sequence… well I’m glad it was deleted. And for all you hard of hearing, great news it comes in English and Spanish Subtitles.


Overall (not an average)

I feel like I enjoyed this movie more than I should have. Don’t get me wrong it was great. The character development, the story, and the overall suspenseful feel, made it a definite “AHHHHHH I need to share this with a friend” moment. Granted it is definitely not as good as the SAW franchise, which I can’t help but compare it to in a way. I love the actors and how for it not being a main stream film it had recognizable faces. If life really where this game, I do not think I could win, would I possibly try to play…. Well CALL ME!


The Review

OVERALL (Not an Average): 8/10