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Is it marketing trickery by the machine that’s behind the promotion for Robert Rodriguez’s long overdue sequel to Sin City? Well yeah, it most certainly is. Do we care? Well no, most of us don’t care at all because this is a cool poster. When this poster was designed there’s no way that anyone at The Weinstein Company thought this poster would ever be on a wall in a movie theater lobby or on the home page of theaters or ticket resellers like Fandango.


What they thought was simple; let’s put together a really sexy poster for the film and it WILL get featured on digital press sites and talked about in greater detail than it deserves. There plan worked because we had to share the image with you. This new poster features Eva Green from the film. Page Six shares the specifics of why the poster was rejected for certification by the MPAA:

…the poster was disapproved by the MPAA “for nudity — curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.

Ok even without seeing the poster it is a little funny that the MPAA had to release these words on official paperwork. Eva Green is in her mid-thirties but she is a relative newcomer to Hollywood with her first major role in a film called The Dreamers back in 2006. She was also in the Golden Compass and some Bond films. She truly stole the show in the year’s 300: Rise of an Empire by managing over the top toughness, super sexiness, and even making some of the campiness humorous. That’s really all there is to say other than scroll back up and take a look at the poster if you haven’t already.