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This is a crazy time for TV as all of the networks are previewing new shows and cancelling less appreciated one but there are still actually things to watch! Syfy is chugging along with Monday night shows like the Millennium Falcon in an asteroid belt! Warehouse 13 and Metal Hurlant are both new Monday night starting at 9/8c. If you’ve ever been a fan of Warehouse 13 it’s time to come back and see how the series ends. It’s sad because it’s (at least for now) the end of an era of sci-fi for the network. Oh there are plenty of great sci-fi shows there to watch but back in the days of Eureka and the early days of Warehouse 13 there was both science fiction and quirkiness to enjoy, something the newer shows don’t offer. So watch this show to the end! Check out our previews for these shows now!

Warehouse 13

Endless (Finale) – Sneak Peek
Don’t miss the final episode of Warehouse 13, Monday at 9/8c.

Episode 5 – Best Lines
Get a laugh with the best lines of Warehouse 13 from episode five.

Last Interview & Thank You To The Fans – Clip
Eddie & Joanne finish up their last interview and give a shout out to all the loyal fans!

Metal Hurlant

Three On A Match – Sneak Peek
A leak forces three astronauts to fight for the remaining oxygen.

Cold Hard Facts/ Red Light – Sneak Peek
One prisoner will do anything to escape, while a frozen survivor from the distant past is found.