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As we prepare for the bidding on the next season of films there are still a few films from the winter/spring block that are bringing in money. Honestly none of the remaining films are significant. A Haunting House 2 or Disney’s Bears just aren’t going to be game changers. With that said the game must be played out so we have the updated game for you below!

The Rules: Each player gets $100 virtual bucks to spend in an auction that features every genre film, with a few wild cards thrown in, for a four month period. Bidders via for the films they believe will bring in the biggest domestic box office over the first four weekends of their release. Limited release dollars do not count unless the film ends up only getting a limited release. Injury on the play happens when a film is bumped out of the time bracket. Typically game updates are posted on Tuesdays or Wednesdays after the weekend box office is released. Wanna play? Let us know!

The Actuals so far:


Contributors 1
Stephen $462,537,417.00
Niko $276,840,916.00
Nathan $374,921,747.00
Dwayne $565,600,689.00
Contributors 2
Catherine $199,373,226.00
Mike $458,760,999.00
Jon $155,819,509.00
Hector $306,808,139.00
Listeners 1
Ada $114,897,070.00
Cody $158,079,033.00
Alan $179,271,983.00
Bill $330,217,289.00
Art $220,985,010.00
Oz $264,164,184.00