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Linda Hamilton continues her return into sci-fi with a new reoccurring role on the Syfy Channel’s Defiance starting with the upcoming season 2 premiere. She first leaped out of the woodwork back into sci-fi on TV with her reoccurring role on the NBC series Chuck as Chuck’s mysterious mother. Previous to that she was the star of the fantasy TV series Beauty and the Beast along with those little Terminator films she did.

She’s mysterious again according to the Syfy Channel’s official press release on the subject. She plays “Pilar, the mysterious and long-separated wife of Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene).” More from the press release about Hamilton’s character:

“Hamilton will play the key recurring role of Pilar McCawley, the wife of Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene) and mother to their three children. Separated from her family for a number of years, Pilar has now returned home. Pilar suffered from serious mental illness and in the aftermath of the Votan arrival and subsequent war, did not have access to her medication. With her mental state unchecked, Pilar snapped and tried to murder her children. Fearing for the family’s safety, Rafe sent her to an institution and told their children she had died. Now Pilar is back with both a steely resolve and a warm, maternal love for her family. But the motives for her return are unclear, and soon Rafe and others in town begin to question where she’s actually been these past years.”

Season 2 premieres on Thursday, June 19 at 8PM ET/PT