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I honestly don’t understand why this is a question. After the Star Wars redo’s happened it became apparent that George Lucas had softened in his old age and he removed some of the angst from his first Star Wars film by changing the “fact” that Han Solo shot first. It really bothered me that Lucas would go back and re-write history just because his personality and world perspectives have changed over the years.

I’d think as a filmmaker you’d appreciate looking back at your body of work and examining where you were as a person when you made this film or that one because it bleeds through. At any rate, Lucas, the man that never finishing editing a film has changed his prized films over the years. Funny he hasn’t done anything to American Graffiti though, I’m just sayin’.

So recently on a Reddit interview someone asked Harrison Ford, the man that made Han Solo a real character and not just a caricature who shot first. His response?

“I don’t know and I don’t care.”

Since the fx were put in later it is actually possible that he doesn’t know the answer. Also, these sci-fi guys are often asked the same questions over and over again. It surely gets tiring. With that said though, this response could just come from Ford’s dry sense of humor. I often think is sense of humor is mistaken for surly-ness. I do believe he’s a surly type guy, always has been, but I also think that sort of atitude mixed with a dry wit comes off wrong in the public eye. So was he trying to be funny or was he just irritated with this question?

At any rate in general asking actors story questions is sort of dumb. Good actors do have lots of impact on their characters but they generally don’t write the stories. It happens so often at conventions where actors are asked “where will the character be going next” or “why did the character do this” and the truth is the character was written that way. There are exceptions to thye rule. Sometimes an actor with some clout can fight to change the way a scene is written but as a general rule they act, writers write, and directors direct. So to me, normally it’s dumb to ask actors these sorts of questions.

Really there’s not much to this story other than opportunity for a little editorializing, so there you go.