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It’s hard to believe the classic Bronson film Death Wish is 40 years old! The film, which was based on a book, set the standard for vigilante films for 20 years after it was released. That film had as many copycats and meetoo’s as Halloween (nudge nudge Friday the 13th). The film hits store shelves this week in a 40th anniversary Edition.

Justice League War
Dallas Buyer’s Club
About Time
Night of the Demons Collector’s Edition
Death Wish 40th anniversary Edition
Free Birds
The White Queen
Baggage Claim
Romeo and Juliet
City of Angels
Napoleon Dynamite 10th Anniversary Edition
Million Dollar Baby 10th Anniversary Edition
Two Weeks Notice
Finding Normal
A Case of You
Mortal Kombat Legacy
Android Cop
Person of Interest The Complete Second Season
Doctor Who The Complete Sixth series
Arrow The Complete First Season
The Big Bang Theory The Complete Sixth Season
Revolution The Complete First Season