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It’s the final stretch of the year and there are still some big movies in theaters for the holidays. The second Hobbit film is still on top of the box office for the second week in a row. Anchorman 2 and American Hustle both had good starts but neither could defeat the Peter Jackson fantasy film. Through the Christmas holiday we are sure to see some shifting at the box office though as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Wolf of Wall Street both hit big screens. The second tier of contributors and the listeners are all finished and their games are set. The main bracket definitely sees Hector crushing everyone with Hunger Games Catching Fire money but he’s set to rub salt in the wound with Some Wolf of Wall Street take. The battle left raging is between Alan and Niko. Alan has Hobbit money piling up but Niko has Anchorman 2 and some other smaller films like 47 Ronin. The question remains: which of them will be bumped to the listener’s bracket?

The Rules: Every four months players get $100 virtual bucks to bid on the films within the upcoming four months that they feel will earn the most box office. After the bids are complete we follow the films as they are released to see which players earns the most overall box office. We only count domestic gross and we only count the first four weekends of a film’s release.

If you’re into trash talk then check out the weekly webcast/podcast where we either make excuses for poor scores or brag beyond good taste at crushing each other. Get the show here! We’re also in iTunes!

Here are the actual numbers:


Contributors 1
Stephen $562,269,045
Alan $276,513,422
Niko $277,826,070
Hector $746,726,492
Contributors 2
Catherine $247,829,741
Nathan $455,484,680
Zach $352,903,086
Bill $340,337,081
Fred $247,564,016
Ada $336,610,224
Dwayne $357,503,663
Stephania $344,905,721
Michelle $249,409,525
Mike $355,689,471