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When they are not busy living a life of luxury or fighting tabloid news, celebrities are constantly putting themselves in situations to entertain us. It use to be and still dominantly is, that they were working on movies, sitcoms, music, or all the above. Have you noticed though, a change in the last 10 years? Celebrities are putting themselves out there in more and more reality competition shows. Whether they are the ones actually competing or they are the ones judging/ hosting… I have seen more and more of our cultures idols try to rebuild and/or even expand their careers through this genre of reality television. Here are some prime examples:

Celebrity Apprentice
A continuation to Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, this show originated in 2008 and has continued on every year since. Each season a group of celebrities compete against each other in group and solo challenges. Week after week an individual is “FIRED” until one is “HIRED” and wins money for the charity of their choosing. Celebrity Apprentice has had 6 Seasons, 78 celebrities, and has captured a lot of attention. Most of the celebrities have been out of the public for some time, but I have noticed that a few well known stars have been a part of the mix such as: Trace Adkins, Joan Rivers, Lil Wayne, Gary Busey, and Sharon Osbourne. I love this series, this last season was kind of a second chance for those celebrities who had been a previous seasons, but I have found that each season has appeared to attract a bigger status or time relevant celebrity to the cast. This I believe is what has kept this show at high ratings and popularity in our culture.

The Voice
A hit singing competition currently airing on NBC, The Voice is wrapping up its 5th season this upcoming week. Contestants compete on celebrity teams to claim the title of The Voice. Unlike most singing competitions this one is very special with the involvement of its four main celebrity judges: Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton. Since 2011, The Voice has been a high rated show, but not just for the talent of amateur singers but for the celebrity arguments, jest, and commentary. You have four high profile music celebrities fighting to have a victorious singer from their team. Season 4 took out judges Christina and Cee Lo, and filled in Usher and Shakira, still high profile celebrities. Personally I don’t follow this show like a devoted fan but when I do watch I only care to see the interactions between the judges. It’s well known people unlike the XFactor judges and American Idol judges.

Dancing With the Stars
A true celebrity competition, this ABC show is the possibly the most popular reality show on this network. Since 2005, the premise is to take has been or currently known celebrities, and have them compete for judges and audience scores in a ballroom dancing competition. Premiering in 2005, this show just wrapped its 17th season which had the most relevant and well known celebrities the show has ever had. Amber Riley, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Leah Remini, Jack Osbourne, and Bill Nye the science guy are just some of the celebrities to have competed this last cycle. Since the beginning of the show each season has brought bigger and bigger household names. Here is cool fun fact too… Chris Hemsworth aka Thor was once on Australia’s Dancing With the Stars. I must confess, I am obsessed with this show and have watched every season and each year it just gets better and better.

Reality competition is taking over our airwaves. Celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon, finding more ways to grow their careers and allowing us the audience, a more intimate glimpse at our idols. It appears too, that the celebrities involving themselves sin these shows are rising from the “D” list status into at least the “B’s”. Could we see some “A-listers” in the near future? We are in a society where we care more about entertainment culture rather than history and politics. So I ask you, what are your favorite reality competition shows? Who would you want to see on them?