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This has been a ridiculous week for comic-book movie ridiculousness (in a great way)! It all really started Wednesday with the big announcement that Gal Gadot one of the stars of three of the Fast and the Furious films will portray Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman (or whatever the movie will eventually be called). She really is a pretty tiny individual, not exactly bringing to mind Amazonian war Goddess and her acting experience is limiting. All of this is making the fandom uneasy to say the least. She does have a look that could represent the character though and she is tall albeit very thin. So, she better get herself into the gym Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2 style stat. Also, hopefully she has more acting chops than we’ve seen. The movie, which was supposed to be a Superman sequel is turning more and more into a Justice League movie, which should be something completely separate from the Man of Steel franchise.

Next up Sony throws Marvel fans into a tizzy by finally releasing the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-man 2 and not pulling any punches! In the trailer you see The Rhino, Electro, and the Green Goblin! There are several hints to many more villains too! At the end of the trailer the tagline reads “The Battle Begins”. Does that mean what’s started in this film may be spread across multiple other films? The villians in the film and the others that are hinted at sure do come close to making up a group of Spidey bad guys called The Sinister Six in the comics, just sayin”.

Finally, just so fans don’t forget about the X-Men director Bryan Singer tweets a simple message “X-Men Apocalypse in 2016″. Apocalypse is one the X-Men’s most powerful and most well known bad gus in comics. If Singer is planning a follow up film featuring this character he must certainly be planning a film rendition of Age of Apocalypse an epic and extremely popular story arc from the X comics. Apocalypse is basically a cosmic mutant that truly believes in survival of the fittest and he either destroys or tries to destroy anyone and anything he sees as beneath him. Could Singer have just dropped a hint at what the mid credit sequence from the upcoming X-Men Days of Future Past will lead us to for the next film? Everybody wants to world build like Marvel these days….