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So friends it’s that time again, the time when we make our Christmas lists, both for giving and getting! To help expiedite the process (especially since the biggest shopping weekend of the year is coming up) we will be assembling lists for you all week long! Each contributor will throw in there five picks for the must have gifts this holiday season! Check this space every day as we will be adding lists all the way to Black Friday!!! Ok so we finish out our gift guide with an epic three more lists for you! Here are contributors Zach Martin and Dwayne Pate’s lists along with editor Stephen Lackey’s list along with all of the previous ones! Happy giving and getting!

Stephen Lackey

Friday the 13th The Complete Collection


Having each and every Friday the 13th film in one box is something that fans of the franchise have dreamed about but never considered a possibility because the films were split across two studios. Well Hell froze over and Jason escaped onto this 10 blu-ray collection! This box set includes all 12 films which means Freddy vs. Jason is in the box along with the 2009 remake. There are even two versions of the remake, the theatrical version and the uncut one. There’s one additional disc that features a bevvy of bonus features including interviews, behind the scenes footage and more. Unfortunately the bonus features collection isn’t quite complete as the next selection in my top 5 list should have been included in this set. With that said though you get all of the original films, some of which have never been available on blu-ray and most have been remastered to look substantially better than their DVD counterparts. Friday the 13th is one of the most iconic American horror franchises making even the worst films of the lot have historical significance (often just as time capsules of the era in which they were made). Every horror fan needs this collection on their shelf.

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th


As I mentioned above this documentary should have been included in the Friday the 13th box set. This 400 minute long (that’s right over 6 and a half hours) documentary split across 2 blu-rays covers the franchise from the low budget beginnings back in 1980 through all 12 films, the television series, and even the videogame. There are interviews with over 150 cast and crew, behind the scenes footage, concept art, outtakes, and much more. This epic film based on the book of the same name truly details where this franchise came from and why it remains so popular today. The reasonable price makes this one a must buy for the horror fanatic in your family!

Recoil Cord Winder


Nothing drives me crazy more than cables laying all around and tangled up. There are tons of options out there; and some of the organizers available are pretty great but this simple little gadget is something small and easy to either cary with you or leave in an included mountable stand. All you do is loop your cable (USB, charger, earbuds etc.) inside the device and pull down. The Recoil will automatically spool up your cable! This set comes with three Recoil winders in small, medium, and large each to deal with different sizes of cables. It’s simple, inexpensive, and easy to use, a great stocking stuffer!

The Xbox One


The Xbox One is a true ground breaking device for the living room. What differentiates it from the PS4 is that it has been built from the ground up to be more than just a high end next generation video game console. This device is set to take control of your living room experience by allowing you to utilize everything, video gaming, TV, DVR, Blu-Ray, Skype calls, web surfing and more all through one interface that’s gesture and voice based. So gifting this one offers something to everyone in a household from the hardcore gamer to the movie and TV lover. It’s definitely pricey that’s for sure but when everything the device offers is considered the price is a fair one.

Fandango Gift Certificates

Give the gift of movies

Ok so at first blush it may seem like a lame gift to give someone a gift card but intruth it can be really thoughtful. Giving someone a generic gift card like one of those AMEX ones or a mall card is definitely lame. If you give a card for something your loved one truly loves then at least it seems that you know the person. Movie tickets are expensive these days and if you have a special person in your life that loves movies than a Fandango gift card would really be appreciated! They can use the card whenever something they want to see is coming out and get the tickets in advance. It’s knd of cool to give a gift that gets really appreciated post holiday!

Zach Martin

Bond 50 Blu Ray Set


I know this was on Mike’s 5 picks last year, but screw it, its my list and I can put what I want on it. Having owned this set for the past four months its unbelievable someone put it together. Twenty-three films. Twenty-four discs. Hell, I’m still trying to watch all of the material on this set its so jam-packed! Add to that the picture quality is stunning and the sound quality will take your home theatre to the test and you have one hell of an amazing set.

The Walking Dead Season 2 (video game)


With season 2 being released sometime in November, I can fully endorse this gaming series. Not only is its predecessor “Game of the year – 2012” it also moved me to tears with the story based point-and-click style. With a damn good plot and characterizations that make fictional, cartoony looking characters seem more human than the characters on the Tv show of the same name. Walking Dead season 2 is simply an “instabuy” for any video game fan.

Attack on Titan


What can be said about this anime/manga that hasn’t already been said? It’s purely amazing, so stop what you are doing and buy this. While it does have some very minor problems of pacing and the repetitive dialogue, it’s outshined in every way by its original plot and “watch 10 episodes in a row” addictiveness. “Sind Sie das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jager.” How good is the show? After one season it was put in the “Legendary” status for my favorite tv shows. Can’t wait for season 2.



Ok, these babies are amazing. Don’t get me wrong, at first glance they look stupid as hell, but damn they’re awesome to wear. At any convention you can find me with these on walking the floor or taking pictures. They move and react depending on the mood you’re in or what you’re thinking and it actually does work quite well.

Portal Gun


Portal and Portal 2 are some of my favorite games of all time, and as such, any fan wants one of these. Think about it: you now have a device that can create portals (almost) anywhere and on any surface. What would you use it for? I for one would become extremely lazy or would have a portal to my friend in Japan. As a side note, these were originally listed at $70, but have somehow gone up to $276, so….if you really wanted one…

Dwayne Pate

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel (Ferrari 458 Italia Edition)


If you love video games and your loyalties lie with Microsoft, you’ll probably have the new X-Box One console secured several weeks before Christmas. Perhaps Forza 5 was a Day One title for you. Why not add to your gaming experience with a Thrustmaster Racing Wheel? If you’ve never bothered getting a wheel for your console before, you’re missing out. A racing wheel adds a level of authenticity to each turn, acceleration, and drift in the game, and makes racing experience thrilling in a way that a game pad just can’t replicate.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set


I’ve noticed that more and more people I know who are former D&D players have made the switch to the Pathfinder Role Playing System recently. I don’t seem to be able to find the time to learn a new rule system, or play in a regular campaign, so the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is a good way to get my monster-slaying, treasure-hunting fix. The base set supports 1 to 4 players, and you can link individual game play scenarios to a larger campaign adventure. The game stays fresh with new adventures, released every two months.

Doctor Who: Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset (2013)


Let’s say November 23 rolls around. Your not quite ready to watch the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, Day of the Doctor, because you’ve fallen short of your goal to watch the complete new series. This set is all the motivation you’ll need to power through Matt Smith’s tenure as The Doctor. Every episode from Series One through Seven, including the Christmas Specials and Doctor Who confidential is here.. The Sonic Screwdriver remove is one of the best gift set bonuses I’ve seen in a while. Allons-y!

Minecraft Light-Up Torch


I knew from the moment I heard about Minecraft that I needed to stay away from the game, like a crack addict needs to stay away from their dealer.. Then the bastards at Mojang who produced the game decided they could win even more converts by releasing the game on the Xbox 360, and my willpower snapped. Now, I can illuminate the darkness of my Minecraft playing lair with this torch. It mounts on the wall, and should keep mobs from spawning near me!

Get it on ThinkGeek

LEGO 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine Building Set


Build your way to a better future with this LEGO replica of Doc Brown’s DeLoran from the Back to the Future series. This set has some nice touches for fans of the films, like the OUTATIME license plate, a flux capacitor, and a skateboard for the Marty minifig. (Plutonium not included.)

Mike Young

When I started this Holiday Gift Guide I thought I would fill it with pie in the sky gifts like the new Nikon Df, or the Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted 3D Viewer, but the more I started digging the selections got more lighthearted and whimsical. So here goes in no particular order.

The Big Red Button Light Switch


Legend tells us of a day decades ago when computers filled entire rooms and used more vacuum tubes than the back wall of amps at a AC/DC concert These early computers used immense amounts of power, so much that the power cables could be a couple of inches around. Combine this with their fragility and early IT professionals needed a way to quickly power down these behemoths. It wasn’t uncommon to use explosive bolts to cut the power cables. Needless to say that this was not a switch that was thrown casually. Hence a big bold switch that communicated instantly that it was a serious switch and not to be taken lightly, Hence the Big Red Button. Now you don’t need to be a 1950’s Mainframe jockey to feel the sublime satisfaction of having a Big Red Button under you power even if it’s only turning off the bathroom light.

Get it at ThinkGeek!

Genuine Moon Rock


On July 20th 1969 Mom and Dad and some out of town relatives were huddled around a 19” black and white TV watching Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin frolic in the Sea of Tranquility and ever since then I have wanted a Moon rock, well actually that’s strictly true as it was another couple of years before I was even born, but that’s a better story than just saying over the last several years I have developed a longing for a piece of lunar landscape. I have always assumed that this was a longing that would end up going unrequited as we only brought so many back with us and not much of that has fallen into private hands and I’m not sure if any of it is legally in private hands. The universe is a weird place though. As empty as the solar system is things still end up colliding with each other. Sometimes multiple times. Every great once in a while a rock will collide with the Moon and throw up a bunch of Moon rocks, some of these Moon rocks as unlikely as it seems will actually end up crashing into Earth. These Moon Rocks are fair game and thanks to the technology of taking a bit of something and breaking it into many much much smaller little bits even you and I can afford a real Moon rock and for a bit extra they will even throw in a piece of Mars.

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Transporter Shower Set


I’m not the biggest Trek fan by a long shot, but this is just too cool for words. With this installed instead of just taking a mundane shower you will be transporting dirt and grime from your body. Of course you have to make that transporter sound the whole time you have the water running and there is that one in a million chance that you will step into the shower and end up a pile of boneless flesh like that unfortunate Vulcan at the beginning of Star Trek The Motion Picture. Of course if you’re a paranoid sort with this installed you might live in fear of strangers teleporting into your bathroom at odd hours.

Get it from ThinkGeek!

Comrad Gaming Helmet


I’m not much of a gamer, but even I have found that the more immersive a game is the more fun it is. Whether that immersion comes by the way of realistic graphics, fantastic gameplay, or peripherals that mimic their real life counterparts like a steering wheel and pedals for a driving game or a Comrad Gaming Helmet for a FPS. It’s got a built in headset and microphone and is compatible with the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii PC and Mac. So it does more than just look great with your gaming BDUs. Speaking of your BDUs it comes with three camo covers, digital desert, forest, and digital forest so it will most likely even match. Not recommended about actual combat.

GGet it from ThinkGeek!

“Wash Is My Copilot” License Plate Frame


Have you seen Serenity? There was a scene where I cried, actually there were several scenes in that movie where I cried, but right now I’m thinking of one in particular. If this license plate frame moves you too you know the scene I mean. The Hawaiian shirts, the plastic dinosaurs, the light hearted quips are all reasons enough to have Wash around during any tight spot but the main reason is his amazing flying ability. Which actually brings up my one criticism of this license plate frame. If you’ve got a pilot like Wash on-board, why the hell would you make him the copilot.

Get it from ThinkGeek!

Bluetooth Handset Gloves


Admittedly these glove’s usefulness is purely seasonal, but how can you resist the appeal of sticking out your thumb and pinky and instead of pantomiming a telephone conversation actually having a telephone conversation. Now if we could only combine technology with other hand gestures.. on second thought maybe that isn’t that great of an idea. These gloves offer 10 days of standby and 20 hours of talk time and charge over micro usb. They come in black and grey and have been tested with iOS, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry. They even have the magic threads woven into the fingers so that you operate your touchscreen phone with the gloves on.

Get it from ThinkGeek!

Alan Smith

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


I have been waiting for this game for a long time. When the 3DS was first introduced there were two things I wanted for it: a Mario game and a Legend of Zelda game. And no, the remake of Ocarina of Time doesn’t count. I can’t wait to play a new Zelda game that does not require motion control. I’m hoping Santa thinks I was good enough this year.

Nintendo 3DS XL Gold/Black Limited Edition Bundle with The Legend of Zelda


A Link Between Worlds – If you do not already own a 3DS this is a great little bundle get your feet wet and get a nice collectible. The 3DS is my favorite handheld since the original Nintendo Gameboy. And don’t worry, if you don’t like the 3D it can be turned off for a nice 2D experience.

Wii U Deluxe Set with New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U


I know this is a lot of Nintendo but regardless of how much crap they have taken in the last couple years they still publish fun games that are family friendly. And this bundle not only comes with New Super Mario Bros. U but also New Super Luigi Bros. as well. This is the one gift I’m holding out the most hope for.

Marvel Universe Alpha Flight Figure


Hasbro’s Marvel Universe toyline is coming to an end this year but the final wave of figures have been released. The hardest ones to find are these Alpha Flight figures namely NorthStar. Aurora has been available for a few weeks but no one has seen this Northstar figure. I’m hoping that Santa can work a miracle for me this year.

Marvel Super Hero Team Uncanny X-Men Extinction Team 3-Pack


And finally this is probably going to be the toughest item to find on this list. These have gone up for pre-sell a couple times but no one has actually seen one. I take back what I said earlier, I hope Santa can pull two miracles this Christmas.

Nicholas Quall’s List

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled (10-Disc Limited Edition Six-Movie Collector’s Set)


Last year, you could only pre-order this. Now, you can HAVE it! Own Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man I & II, and The Avengers as Marvel shows us how to really build a superhero movie franchise. That’s not even going into all the really cool Avengers personnel files with nifty memorabilia from the films. Want a sneak peak? Watch our unboxing!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Hoodie
Stay warm this winter and in deep space with the Star Trek TNG hoodies. What Star Trek fan doesn’t envision themselves wearing the uniform? If you’ve got to work the late shift on the bridge, you might as well be comfortable. I’m partial to command red myself.

Get it at Think Geek!

Thor: God of Thunder, vol. 1-2

We’ve been raving about the current Jason Aaron run on Thor all year long. Now you can read the start of this already seminal run in the two-volume epic space fantasy pitting Thor against a new villain, one hell-bent on destroying all gods across all time and space.

Darth Vader and Son / Vader’s Little Princess

Raise your little geeklings right. Learn from the galaxy’s favorite father as Darth Vader tries his best to raise little Luke and Leia right. These books are hilariously cute and perfectly suitable for the entire family.

Grab it here
and here!



Dominion is a crazily addictive and friendship-breaking deck building game. Players try to buy the most advantageous cards and craft just the right strategy to get them more land than their opponents. Each round can be radically different. Be careful though, because once you start with this base set, you’ll find yourself going after the various expansions.

Catherine Holder’s List

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

CHRISTMAS breaking bad

Since the series drew to a close, there has been a hole in my heart. I still wish Jesse Pinkman would come up to me and say, “Yo Bitch! Wanna cook some Meth?” BUT he wouldn’t call me a bitch since we would instantly fall in love, and he would never call the woman he loves a bitch. He’s a gentleman that way. Breaking Bad has been called by many sources the greatest television series ever on television. Even the great Anthony Hopkins acclaimed Bryan Cranston on his amazing portrayal of high school chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin, Walter White. When purchasing this ridiculously amazing series you not only get loads of bonus features including a feature length “Making Of” Documentary, but also a booklet, Breaking Bad challenge coins, designed by creator Vince Gilligan, a Los Pollos Hermanos Apron, AND it all comes in a Breaking Bad barrel… you know so that you can either acid melt your action figure enemies or store your loads of Monopoly money.

Just Dance 2014 for the XBox One

CHRISTMAS Just dance

After playing Just Dance at GMX and kicking some major CultureSmash Cast butt, I’ve been hooked and determined to acquire my own XBox Kinect merely for the Just Dance games. This current game comes with a grand bevy of new music to “shake it” to like Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” and Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Already, I’m ready to get my high top kicks on and “shake my body down to the ground.” Also in this game you can play online with multiple players. FINALLY! I can be like the other nerds who play Halo, and virtually dance with new people from anywhere in the world. Also, they feature a “Custom Sweat Mode,” where you can have your own private dance party and sweat it out. Oh, I wanna dance with somebody!

The Little Mermaid (Two Disc Diamond Edition: Blu-ray/ DVD + Digital Copy)

CHRISTMAS Little Mermaid

Any girl around my age is gonna tell you that she wanted to be a mermaid when she was young. Honestly, because of Ariel, I’ve always wanted to be a redhed. And Ursula is by far my favorite Disney villain. I mean, come on, she’s based on one of the most infamous drag queens of all time, Divine. This beautifully packaged Blu-ray/DVD and digital copy includes the film fully restored to Disney Home Theater 5.1 mix (which if you have a surround sound system, will make you feel like you’re “Under the Sea”). It also includes “Disney Behind the Scenes” with all new commentary, Making of the Little Mermaid, Behind the Story of the Story, and tons more bonus features. This is an especially good gift for that sweet little girl… or that little girl at heart on your Christmas list.

KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Shower Head and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome

CHRISTMAS Showerhead

I sing a lot… and I’ll sing anywhere, BUT one of my favorite places to sing is in the shower. Heck, we ALL sound better in the shower, and I know that a lot of people won’t sing any other place than the shower. Cue the KOHLER Moxie Shower Head and Wireless Speaker. Yes, my friends, this is a shower head and a speaker all in one! You can sync it with any Bluetooth product like your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and anything else like that. This rechargeable speaker can be taken out of the shower head to be used as a speaker in any other room. This is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to jam out while getting their “clean on.”

Straight No Chaser: Under the Influence (Holiday Edition)


Straight No Chaser is a ridiculously amazing male accapella group. Think if Pitch Perfect’s The Trebletones grew up… you’d have Straight No Chaser. These guys are seriously legit. Listen their preceding album, Under the Influence, which not only boasts a great collection of pop hits, but also a grand bevy of music stars including Sara Barellies, Phil Collins, Elton John, and Dolly Parton featured on her greatest song (in my opinion) “Jolene.” This “Holiday Edition” does not disappoint and will certainly satisfy your Holiday Hankerings. Make sure to check out “White Christmas” featuring CeeLo Green and my favorite on the album “Wonderful Christmastime” featuring Paul McCartney. Acca-what? Acca-yes-please! (PS, my apologies if you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect as you will not get those jokes.)