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Starring: Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood

Being pregnant seems hard, but then think about the first year of being a parent to a drooling, pooping, screaming baby…. Uhhhh even harder! Now imagine going through that as a teenager. Back in 2008-2009, MTV Launched a series known as 16 & Pregnant which grew into a culture phenomenon. The show focused on teenage couples who ended up pregnant and tracked the progress of their lives up until the birth of their children. It explored the dynamics between the couples as well as their families and also tackled controversial issues as abortion and adoption. This show sparked a spin off known as Teen Mom which grew into an even bigger reality TV series then 16 & Pregnant.


Teen Mom follows the first year of parenthood of four teenage ladies: Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber. All of which where previously on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant. Most people know these ladies from the initial series and know their background, but if not they do a quick recap at the beginning of the first episode of Teen Mom.

In this season we see how lives have changed for these four ladies since having a child. We discover their relationships with their baby daddies. Who is still around? Who is getting married? Also, we get a glimpse at the different support levels from their own families. Most importantly we experience the mental and emotional roller-coaster of becoming a parent at such a young age.

All of the ladies come from different social and economic backgrounds, and each live completely different lives. Maci struggles to raise a boy, while trying to handle school and a relationship with her boyfriend, on top of a forced marriage planning. Farrah, is a party girl, struggling with the death of her baby daddy, as well as her constant struggle with a meddling mother. Catelynn chose to give her child up for adoption, and we see her struggle with coping with that as well as dealing with her family and professional life. Amber is a firecracker, with emotional and physical confidence issues and we see her struggle with her boyfriend.

They all have one thing in common though. Attachments to their babies. This season we see pivotal moments in child developments such as first steps and first words. Most importantly we see the first birthdays as well as the parental growth and revelations from each teenage woman. Every episode to me is so unique, in that I can’t just pick out one specific to recommend. Watch every episode, watch this entire season and I guarantee you will find something to relate too.


The Video

The video is fantastic. Full screen it looks better then when it was broadcast on MTV. It is shot kind of documentary style since its following the lives these teenage parents, but everything is clear to see and very well shot.


The Audio

Sound is where I felt there could have been some improvement. Although it was Dolby Digital at points it felt like some things could not be heard very clear. Which was probably why there was the use of some subtitles. Now could that be because the mics did not catch what was being said or was it because somethings where edited to fit a story line… possibly. I feel the sound could have been better.


The Packaging and Bonus Features

Clearly stated on the front cover Teen Mom the complete first season, this package contains 3 discs and 100+ minutes of special features. Coming in a standard DVD set there are 8 episodes to this season divided among two discs. The third disc contains the finale special, where celebrity doctor, Dr. Drew interviews each lady separately and together about their experiences, their plans, and what they would share with other teenage girls. Also on the third disc is never before seen moments, where you get to see more arguments and also even more adorable moments of the kids. The special feature on this season are well worth the watch.


Overall ( Not an Average)

I remember watching this show on MTV back in 2010. It was one of my favorite reality series to watch at the time. Although you knew some of it was scripted or manufactured, you could not help but to be intrigued and feel related to at least one of the cast members. Your heart would feel for these ladies as well as the kids, and no matter what form an opinion or make a comment on the choices and actions being made by each individual. I will say re-watching this season made me relive and reform my opinions. It was like I had missed or forgot so much and I could find myself still being entranced but this REALITY!!!!!! This is just a must watch series.


Series 9/10
Video 10/10
Audio 7/10
The Packaging and Bonus Features 10/10
Overall (Not An Average) 9/10