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We’ve got a bevy of new CultureSmash TV installments for you today! First up is our official Wizard World Nashville 2013 floor coverage where we visit some of the booths and check out some of the great stuff to buy at the con. Next up we have a couple of cosplay Smah! videos with some fun folks in great costumes. Finally, in case you haven’t already seen it we have the first episode of The CultureSmash 5 that was shot on location at the convention. The CultureSmash 5 is a show featuring our five favorite picks of some random pop culture subject. This isn’t all of Wizard World though; we have more cosplay interviews coming next week! Check out what we have for now and let us know what you think!

CultureSmash TV: Wizard World Nashville 2013

Wizard World Nashville 2013 Cosplay Interview 01

CultureSmash TV: Wizard World Cosplay Interview 02