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Directed by: Sheldon Wilson
Written by: David Ray, Sheldon Wilson
Starring: David Sutcliffe, Erica Cerra, Brett Dier, Leah Cairns, Luisa D’Oliveira, and Mitch Pileggi

When you think, Super Storm, you probably picture Hurricane Katrina in 2005 or the Tornado outbreak in Oklahoma just this year. You definitely do not think about the giant red spot on the planet Jupiter, or at least I don’t. What in the world is that red spot? It is a Super Storm that potentially destroyed what once was a livable ecosystem. So now imagine if that Super Storm appeared on Earth. Thus is the premise of the movie, Super Storm, a movie worse than Lifetime’s Liz but Dick and better than sleeping with a inner city prostitute.

Super Storm, follows the happenings of electrical storms that send destructive tornado cyclones throughout major cities across America. The only explanation for these storms is the fact that the spot on Jupiter has disappeared!!! Way to go Jupiter you found Proactive. In this one small town where you see these cyclones annihilate full buildings, and turn people to ashes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the fate of the world relies on a science project developed by two teens. They have created a machine that can capture the “destructive particle,” which brings the storm to life. Most of the movie is about the teens and their parents surviving the storms and then it goes to, “Wait we can stop it with a rocket and our High School Science Project…. Yeah!!!!!!!”

Lets face It… It took me four weeks, a few glasses of wine, and emotional support from my sister to get me through this movie. Watching the weather channel would have been more interesting and definitely more realistic. This plot is____(Insert Your Worst Imagined Word).


The video is shown in a widescreen presentation 1.78:1 on the Blu-Ray disc. There is a clear picture which made the scenes visible. As far as the special effects… crap, crap, crap! The storms and the lightning looked so unrealistic, I was more scared of how many brain cells I lost from watching this film.


The Audio had Master sound at 5.1 Dolby True HD. Okay, so I could hear every last piece of flat and dull dialogue. I guess there is a re-deeming quality here.


This Movie comes in the standard Blu-Ray case wrapped in shiny plastic. No extra features… Thank god! This gets my highest score.


I was very disappointed with this movie. Do not blame the actors because they did exactly what they were supposed to do, but the story could have been better. The special effects could have been much better and might have saved this movie, if they were done right. Syfy really wasted their time and my time making this movie. I will never get that eighty nine minutes back, and that is a shame.


The Movie: 1/10
The Video: 3/10
The Audio: 4/10
The Packaging and
Special features: 5/10
Overall (not an Average): 2/10