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Distributed by: Diamond Select Toys

The Starship Enterprise from Star Trek is easily one of the most iconic “ships” from TV and film. Even people who aren’t fans of the shows or movies know the ship when they see it. The design is one of the truly unique designs in media. Sure the X-Wing fighters look cool but they essentially still have a jet sort of design that we can relate to. Obviously it can be argued that there’s noting familiar design wise about the Deathstar because as far as floating military bases go there’s nothing in our history that’s like a giant bowling ball. There is something that makes sense about the Enterprise design, in spite of all of the things that that make it not make sense. The ship is a floating submarine in space. Wow! this whole thing is just way to serious for a minimate.

The Ship

The Enterprise is a perfect addition to the minimate line of toys because it retains that level of familiarity with the figure or in this case the ship it is meant to represent but it still manages that sort of goofy blockiness that makes the line of toys so much fun. The ship isn’t high on detail but it wouldn’t be a minimate if it were. The saucer section and nacelles do look great when the whole thing is assembled though. The grey with the splashes of orange are just perfect representations of the late 60’s early 70’s design that was at the heart of the original Star Trek series.

trek01 trek02 trek03

The saucer section does feature the familiar naming of the original ship and there are a few flourishes along the turret of the ship but overall there aren’t nearly as many decals as I would have expected. Windows are represented by painted blocks on the actual ship which in the end is probably a plus because you don’t have to worry about sticking stickers on crooked. Simply put if you love the show then you’ll love the look of this ship, it’s familiar without being crushed in realistic details.

The great silliness of the minimate line is mostly represented in two specific ways. The first is that if you pop the front of the engineering section of the ship open it reveals a Jeffries tube for storing all of those miscellaneous goodies needed for a five year journey or just all of Captain Kirk’s accessories. Oh did I mention Captain Kirk? A minimate version of the badass Captain himself comes with the ship, clad in his yellow original series glory. The most humorous part of this ship design is that you can pop open the top of the saucer section to reveal a Captain’s chair. There is one tiny set of decals to install inside the cockpit giving the little space the view screen and some of the perfectly vague looking computers from the original series. The ship is hilarious when settled on its display stand with the cockpit open and Kirk sitting in the Captain’s chair. He does come with some really tiny accessories including a phaser that you can store in the tube section of the ship if you’re posing the figure sans gun. By the way, His hair does pop off of his head, just an added feature of the minimate.

This Enterprise is just pure fun. The style is great and perfect for adults to display on a desk, in the office or for young Trekkies (no Trekkers please) to play with.


The Build

At first blush the parts of the ship feel a little hollow and flimsy. Once assembled though the ship feels pretty great. Speaking of assemble, some parts of the ship are a little scary to put together because you have to apply a lot of pressure to make them pop into place. I felt like I was actually going to break the ship when I was slipping on the nacelles. Again, once it’s together it’s fairly solid though. The display base however is just flimsy, no way around it. When attaching the stand I accidentally scratched the base and I wasn’t even using my Hulk hands. The ship literally just sits on the base using its own weight to hold it in one spot. So, you’ll probably be knocking this ship off the base a lot if you put it on your desk. Finally the door to the engineering section that covers the Jeffries tube doesn’t pop into place when you close it so it can sometimes hang open a little. You can just lightly push it into place and it looks fine but the build quality here could have used just a little more attention.


Overall at just under $30 this little ship is a great value. It’s fun and cool in a modern sort of lego way. The overall build is just a little bit tender but if you know that going in it won’t be tough to maintain this ship. When folks visit my apartment where I proudly display the ship they can’t help but pick it up and play with it. That in and of itself makes the minimate Enterprise a success because when these little guys are done right they make us grown-ups act like kids again, even if it’s just for a minute.

Overall (Not an Average) 8/10

The Review
The Ship 9/10
The Build 6/10
Overall (Not an Average) 8/10