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The summer game is technically over with Stephen winning the contributor bracket and Hector winning the listener bracket. The fall bidding has already been done and the game has also started with the premiere of Riddick last weekend. There are still some movies counting toward summer numbers though; Mike added more to his total with the last week of Kick Ass 2 as did Alan with another week of the Ethan Hawke film Getaway and Stephen with The Mortal Instruments and You’re Next. The game now is can Stephen manage to break $500 million before his films run out!

The Rules: Every four months players get $100 virtual bucks to bid on the films within the upcoming four months that they feel will earn the most box office. After the bids are complete we follow the films as they are released to see which players earns the most overall box office. We only count domestic gross and we only count the first four weekends of a film’s release.

Follow along with us by checking out and commenting on our complete bidding lists to the right of the page from Listly. If you’re into trash talk then check out the weekly webcast/podcast where we either make excuses for poor scores or brag beyond good taste at crushing each other. Get the show here! We’re also in iTunes!

Here are the actual numbers:


Stephen $892,895,898
Alan $719,829,719
Mike $574,035,058
Niko $779,405,097
Bill $827,318,895
Ada $507,739,762
Hector $764,424,714
Zack $512,758,271
Jonathan $549,747,713
Dwayne $596,482,361
Michelle $480,708,593