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One (get what I I’d there?) could argue that this isn’t much of a story but it does offer solid information that’s extremely exciting for hardcore movie/TV fans that also love gaming. In press releases and events Microsoft had announced that their new console will “interact” with your Comcast and most other DVR’s. Well yesterday the big M got more specific to IGN.

MARC WHITTEN, CHIEF XBOX ONE PLATFORM ARCHITECT told IGN: “Our focus is on making the TV experience great – with favorite channels, voice control (including play, pause, fast forward and rewind with your DVR) and more. This is an area where you’ll see us drive more innovation over the years to come.”

So there’s final confirmation that yes the new console will in fact control your DVR and use it almost like an external hard drive. The focus of the comment is on voice control but it’s easy to assume this

level of control stretches to a remote and the game controller as well.

On top of this there is word that MS may be adding the ability for gamers to sell the digital copies of their games via a new marketplace. Now that we can also pass our physical games to be loaned or traded the game options are strong.

Anticipation building…..