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One of the producers of the upcoming next batch of Star Wars films, Kathleen Kennedy recently stated that she’d like to see the franchise get more practical, and by practical she means in FX. Less CGI in a Star wars film truly seems to be harkening back to the original trilogy. In a move that shows just how much she and the director of the first film in the new trilogy Star Wars Episode VII JJ Abrams are he has just announced that his film will be shot on good ol’ Kodak 35 mm film rathe than the digital recording that is becoming more and more standard.

Abrams will bring on long time collaborator Dan Mindel to soot the film. Mindel has previously worked with Abrams on the Star Trek films and Mission Impossible III. The gritty look of real film mixed with practical fx could truly make this film feel old school. To clarify Abrams hasn’t yet said that he would be focusing on practical fx but those are the wishes of his producer.

What’s more important than the medium on which the film is shot is the visual style of it. The original Star Wars films featured a truly unique visual style and look while offering homage to the classic short serials that inspired the films. Mindel doesn’t necessarily need to stick to what George Lucas and his team crafted originally but the film does need a true vision and style that sets it apart. Flashing lights into the camera lens Star Trek style won’t cut it either. This cinematographer has worked extensivel with other director’s known for visual flare such as Tony Scott so the potential for something great is there.