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JJ Abrams drops his name on a lot of projects on both TV and on film. The thing is, most of the brojects featuring his name are pretty great. His track record isn’t !00% but if he’s involved the chances of something being great are really good. This trailer hit the web a few days ago featuring Abrams’ Bad Robot company logo. The film is apparently simply called Stranger. The trailer features some fascinating monologue and imagery but it really says nothing about the film. If I were a guessing man, and I am, I’d almost say the project has a new Starman sort of feel. It’s apparently about a man who has come from somewhere and knows nothing about himself but we are lead to believe that he will eventually discover who he is and what his purpose is. Now, why is his mouth sown shut? Starman, in case you don’t remember is a film from the 80’s about an alien that crashes to Earth with these magic balls that can do some pretty cool things. Starman of course doesn’t at first know who he is when he hits the planet either. The film was loosely based on a comic book. There’s not even a release date teased here so we can’t begin to guess at when we will get more answers about this mysterious new project.