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Tonight Syfy brings on the geek goodness SMASHED into reality TV with the second episode of their new series Heroes of Cosplay and the second episode of their hit competition series Face Off! Heroes of Cosplay follow some of the country’s most obsessed fans as they craft costumes and literally become their favorite characters from anime, movies, comics, videogames, and more. Face Off is a game show where special fx pros and newbies compete for big prizes. Each week they are given a special fx challenge with the artist that most poorly executes the challenge gets sent home. Yup it’s straight forward reality TV but it’s truly buried in fandom. We have some previews for both of tonight’s shows!

Face Off

Future Frankenstein – Sneak Peek
: The contestants must create their own Frankenstein circa the year 3000.

Model Introduction – Interview Clip
Find out what it’s like to be a model on Face Off!

Today’s Character – Interview Clip
A model talks about how she will embody one of the seven deadly sins—Lust.

Heroes of Cosplay

Emerald City – Sneak Peek
Cosplayers compete at Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle.

Try This At Home: How to Make a Mold – Clip
Try This At Home with Holly and Jessica from Heroes of Cosplay.

The Cast’s Critiques – Episode 1
See what the cast has to say about each other’s costumes from episode one.