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I love The Alamo Drafthouse. These theaters aren’t as big as some of the Regal Cinemas or AMC but the curators at the Alamo theaters still care about the movie watching experience more than the larger theaters. They don’t for example just throw up PSA about talking and texting in order to get another sponsor on screen. These people put thought into their PSA’s and make them entertining. On top of that they mean what they say. That’s why I can go to baby free screenings of films only at The Alamo. I’m sorry if you can’t afford to get a babysitter it’s just not my problem. You shouldn’t be allowed to ruin my movie going experience that I paid for with your crying baby. You shouldn’t also blind me with your phone screen just because you need to reply to a tect during a movie in a pitch black theater and I shouln’t have to miss an important part of the movie because you can’t seem to shut up! Oh uh sorry let me compose myself. Just look at the video featuring Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley telling us what not to do in a theater. Also, Alamo, when are you coming to my town?