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The mobile hotspot is becoming something that’s super useful for not only hardcore on the go business people but also for media hungry consumers. Some devices like phones and iPads have the option of built in cell and data service but even with those options a simple mobile hotspot can still be a useful tool. Let’s say you need to get a laptop online on the go, a mobile hotspot is a good way to make that happen. For a family on a trip a mobile hotspot can get a laptop online, multiple cell phones and other device all at the same time. One last argument you might have is that many phones have the ability to become mobile hotspots these days and you’d be right. The problem is bandwidth caps. Most cell phones have very strict bandwidth limits that can be very costly to break so mobile hotspots with their own data plan.

The Device

Clear could be considered more of an upstart company when compared to the big boys, meaning AT&T, Verizon, and even T-Mobile. Going with a smaller company like Clear can be very beneficial for a consumer though. Often these sorts of companies offer upgraded customer service, better pricing, and more features than the more established companies as a means of being competitive. The thing companies like Clear can have a real issue with is coverage. Obviously smaller companies just don’t have the resources when it comes to coverage that a gigantic company like Verizon has. Clear’s limited edition Red Voyager offers up the most important feature you can get with a device like this one: unlimited 4G data.

Other features of the Red Voyager are 8 device connectivity and the Voyager itself is super portable measuring only 2.6” square and weighing only 2 ounces. The voyager is active at around 100 feet as well. Set up is ridiculously easy and quick. Power up the Voyager and log into it using the device name and password located on a sticker on the bottom of the device and you’re online. Getting set up is as painless as it could possibly be. Also, once you’re set up you don’t ever have to do anything else other than activate the Wi-Fi on your chosen device whether it’s a Windows notebook, an iPad or some other mobile device and turn on the Red Voyager. The red Voyager is rated for 6 hours of continuous use and we found that to be the case with a single device connected to the Wi-Fi. The amount of time the battery lasts is sure to adjust based on the number of devices connected to it.

The charger for the Voyager is convenient since it’s a standard mini USB just like the ones that most non Apple mobile devices use. It in fact is the exact same charger as the one I use with my bluetoothheadset.

There’s really only one negative when it comes to the Clear Red Voyager and that’s the network availability. If you are based in the southeast you are likely to not have issues with finding a signal. Other areas across the country are in pockets so you’ll need to check the map on the Clear site before buying the red Voyager. Also the network availability could be a problem when it comes to major traveling with the device. It may find a network at home but it may not when you visit another state. These are all things you’ll need to take into consideration before buying. In Tennessee there were no problems connecting but I had planned to put the Voyager through its paces at San Diego Comic Con but there is no coverage in that area. Check the Clear website for packaging and availability in your area.