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Summer Time and Watching TV is EASY!!!
It’s that time of year when we are transitioning from spring to summer. As our current reality shows are coming to a close; we have some returning and new slightly scripted addictions sure to capture and fry our minds. Finding assistance from an article on about.com, I have picked out some shows that should definitely be considered as a must watch this summer.
Let us look at the returning series coming back.

• If you love to dance or just enjoy watching other people move their trunk junk, then guess what? So You Think You Can Dance is returning on Fox, Tuesday May 14th.
I can’t even begin to express how interesting every season is. You think you see it all and yet there are always surprises and just like any competitive reality series you are sure to find yourself relating to and imitating the contestants.

• For all the women or just hopeless romantics, a new season of The Bachelorette is returning to ABC, May 27th. In this season the bachelorette, is the recently rejected runner up to last season’s “The Bachelor”. Seemingly a classy, respectable woman is getting a second chance at love on national television. Is it possible? I don’t know, but I have found to enjoy The Bachelorette series more than The Bachelor. It must be all the men!

• I have never seen this next series but I love to cook. So for all of you fire grilled and pan roasted fans, Masterchef is coming back to Fox, May 22nd. This series is entering its fourth season and is a competition between amateur chefs to see who will become the next master. Last season’s winner was a blind woman, so I will definitely be interested to see what group of people they have this year.

What’s New and Intriguing?

• Premiered May 1st on Discovery Channel, The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius. Hosted by Kal Penn contestants compete to solve seemingly unsolvable engineering challenges. Who will be the next top engineer?

• Monday May 6th started a new show on Bravo, Newlyweds: The First Year. This is a reality series following four couples and their daily lives over their first 365 days of marriage. You know what they say, “The first year is the hardest!”

• Coming to Fox May 23rd, Does Someone Have to Go? Employees get the opportunity to take control of their struggling companies and make the decisions concerning salaries and the employment of their coworkers.

• Starting May 29th on CBS, 10 amateur bakers compete in a three challenge a week baking contest in hopes of winning $250,000 dollars and a cookbook publishing contract, in The Baking Competition.

This summer looks to hold a wide variety of reality shows that all members in the family may find interesting. These new shows mentioned are on my list to watch and I am sure many of you will find interest in them too. Pay attention as you watch your spring series end, because the summer promos for the new ones are amazeballs.