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By now everyone should know that I have a drag queen residing in my body. I’m not ashamed. It should come as no surprise that my obsession over the past couple of months has been Rupal’s Drag Race. And dare I say… this is the best season ever! And after all of the sequins, silicone, and cake make-up, we finally have the final three queens.

The final three are Roxxxy Andrews, Alaska, and Jynkx Monsoon. Roxxxy Andrews is the first “juicy” or “full-figured” queen to make it to the final three. Her signature move is to come out with a cape- like garment on top and tear it away to reveal her amazing body and some barely there garment. Miss Roxxxy was one of my first favorite queens, but her star quickly faded for me. Roxxxy has a tendency to rely on her looks rather than her sharp wit, and brings down other queens for using their hilarity and uniqueness rather than focusing on glamour and looks.

Alaska was the most anticipated contestant this season because of her famous boyfriend, better known as Sharon Needles. Wait… boyfriend? Sharon? Yes, indeed friends, another drag queen. Sharon was the winner of last season’s drag race and was the first queen to win the crown who wasn’t a glamour queen. Alaska came into the competition in her shadow, but has shown everyone that she has the lion’s share of bubbliness, hilarity, and goofiness between she and Sharon. Alaska has shown time and time again that she is a formidable force, and has NEVER been in the bottom two!

Jynkx Monsoon is a Gingered Narcoleptic Comedy Queen from Seattle. And yes, every part of that statement is true. I will admit that in the beginning she caught my eye because of her narcolepsy but since then has become my favorite. She is one of the best triple threats this competition has ever seen. She sings, dances, and is probably the best character actresses to ever compete on this show. She does indeed lack a little in the make-up and wardrobe department, BUT Ms Monsoon is only 24 years old… and lives in Seattle… Seattle! People there wear Burkinstocks like Christian Loubitouns.

Bottom line, this competition is not only about who has done the best consistently, but also who has grown the most. I think that most fans can agree that Jynx Monsoon has improved the most, while consistently performing at a high level. But Ru does not always listen to my screamings and rantings at the TV, and has crowned some queens in the past that I would like to forget (cough cough Tyra Sanchez), BUT you can actually watch for yourself on Logotv.com and vote for who you think should win the crown, the cruise, the make-up, and headline the tour. Because if you can’t love a man in a dress how in the HELL are you gonna love yourself? Can I get an Amen? Now, let the music play!