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Latino Review, a website that has a strong track record for getting the goods on Hollywood before official announcements are made says that the deal has been sealed for Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Han Solo in at least the next Star Wars films but most likely the next three films. Ford commented months ago that he’d be interested in returning to the universe that Lucas built but up to now nothing has been set in stone. Ford has in the past demanded a certain amount of involvement in the storytelling side of films in which he is featured, including the Indiana Jones franchise so one wonders how much he already knows about the upcoming films and how much influence he may have on those stories. It’s worth mentioning that Ford is now 70years old. He’s in great shape for his age but surely being 70has some level of import in the making of these upcoming films.

Speaking of elder statesmen JJ Abrams was surprisingly candid about one member of the Star Wars family in a recent interview actually meant to promote Star Trek Into Darkness. Abrams was asked about John Williams the iconic composer responsible for the music for all of the previous Star Wars films along with a majority of Steven Spielberg’s films and George Lucas’ other projects. Williams’ epic score is as important to the Star Wars universe as the design of the light saber and the Tie fighter, it’s a true must. The news that Williams will be composing the score for the upcoming films is exciting but again here it’s important to note that Williams is 81 years old. Surely he is considering a retirement soon so the filmmakers better get a move on!