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We have been working on some ways to get more folks playing fantasy film ball with us each block! Now if you’d like to join us there is a way! The lists posted to the right of this page, which we highly encourage you to like and follow as part of List.ly are now posted on our Facebook page. You can go to the page and do two things: first Like the list that you think will win the block, second make a comment on said list. After the game is over we will do a random drawing of the people that liked and commented on the winning list. The winner of the drawing will get prizes from CineGeek and be offered the opportunity to play in the special listener’s bracket of the game alongside a group of podcast listeners. If you win that bracket then you’re playing with the contributors to the site! So come join in what do you have to lose!

Likes much be in by mid May to be considered! No waiting until the game is almost over to pick the winning team!

Here’s the Facebook site: