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There are a few things that are just required for daily living these days: air, water, someone to love, someone to be loved by, Starbucks, and a reliable phone charger. Andru is here to fill at least one of those voids.

The Gadget

Andru, from a company called Gen is a microUSB charger that works generally with any device that features the proper standard USB connector. I tested it with my galaxy SII (that’s right I’m still using the II) and with my Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth earpiece. Honestly the device isn’t the most powerful charger you can get but with that said it did offer a steady power stream and it seemed to charge my devices really quickly. Besides you can afford to trade off a little power for good looks can’t you?

Tech Specs:
Input: 120~240V AC
Output: 5V/1A DC
Very low standby power
Level V efficiency
1.2m Micro-USB datacable

It’s simple to use, just like other chargers; attach the included usb cable into Andru’s head between his signature antennas, remove the base from his feat to reveal the plug prongs and plug him into the wall. Plug the other end of the cable into your compatible device. You’ll know all is well when you see Andru’s eyes light up. The eyes light up blue when he’s plugged in and they change to white when he’s charging. It’s a simple device meant for a simple jub, no muss no fuss, and it does it well. Do I wish it was just a little more powerful? Well yeah I do but it gets the job done.


The Build

andru cell phone charger

I charging! I charging! I charging!

The thing that makes Andru special is obviously his good looks. The absolute smartest thing that Google did when they launched the Android platform was to launch it with a great looking and easy to remember mascot. The little green robot is synonymous with Android devices these days and hardcore Android devotees love showing the little guy off in one way or another. While I consider myself platform agnostic (I have an android phone, an iPad, an XBOX 360, and I’d like a Surface Pro Tablet) I do admit an appreciation for the little robot. He’s built nice and solid and has a surprising amount of weight to him. He also has two possible arms so you can return him to his stand and pose him in fighting position (it actually can look more like surrendering position if you aren’t careful). The included usb cable is also well build with matching green connectors and a slip proof coating. This cable is nicer that what you typically get with generic chargers. The eyes light up blue when the device is plugged into the wall so that might be an issue if you leave Andru plugged up in your bedroom and two little glowing eyes are staring at you while you try to sleep!


Overall this is a great little charger. Sure it would be nice if it put out a little more power to charge devices a bit faster but it’s still faster than similar chargers I’ve used with the same tech specs. It’s built great and has tons of style, something you might not normally think to look for when it comes to a cell phone charger.

Overall (Not an Average) 9/10

The Review
The gadget 8.5/10
The build 9/10
Overall (Not an Average) 9/10

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