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Man Of Steel

Box Office Mojo has released their predictions for the summer box office. They of course didn’t make predictions for every film but what they have posted are their top 20 films. So, we thought it would be fun if we sorted the top 20 films by which of the contributors here at CineGeek won the movies in the Fantasy Film Ball bidding last week to see if we can make a guess at who might win the summer. Now this is truly “What if?” sort of writing because there are several films that we won in bidding that weren’t in the top 20 and those could easily add up to put a particular player in the winner’s circle. So really what we have here is a demonstration of how the top 20 earners are distributed among the players. Also, the dollar estimates are based on a given film’s entire run and our game only focuses on the first four weeks. The amounts below are in millions. So this is just for fun. Lets take a look:

Monsters University $280
The Hangover III $150
Epic $130
Elysium $120
Two Guns $95
Total: $775

Star Trek Into Darkness $250
The Great Gatsby $105
Total: $355

Iron Man 3 $400
DespicableMe 2 $300
Total: $700

Fast and Furious 6 $215
The Heat $155
The Wolverine $125
The Smurfs 2 $115
Grown Ups 2 $110
Total: $720

Man of Steel $290
Pacific Rim $145
White House Down $140
The Lone Ranger $135
World War Z $135
Turbo $115
After Earth $105
Total: $1065