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OK it’s not much and yeah it’s mostly a marketing trick but hey any look at what’s coming from Marvel is something hat we have to latch onto right? Right? Have a look:

Ok so here’s something cool, an announcement for a new series of Mimobots! If you are uninformed Mimobots are super cool usb flash drives. These sorts of drives are a near necessity these days with CD/DVD drives in computers quickly going the way of the dodo bird. This time Mimoco brings us one of the most hated characters in science fiction history: Jar Jar Binx! Yeah he’s hated but come on these little drives are just too funny not to appreciate. Maybe it’s becoming ironic to actually like Jar Jar? From the company:

Jar Jar Binks MIMOBOT – Yes, Mimoco turned the character with the worst memory in the Star Wars universe into a memory storage device! It’s in Jar Jar’s nature to blaze trails, just as he was the first of his kind to sit and serve on the Galactic senate, Binks, a member of the Gungan race – those amphibious humanoid-frog creatures, now joins esteemed Star WarsTM characters like Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO, and a Stormtrooper in MIMOBOT form and function. Jar Jar finally takes his place in the MIMOBOT collection as an ultra limited edition one year after Mimoco announced him as an April Fool’s joke in a run of just 500 hand-numbered units.