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In our last poll we asked what videogame you’d like to see made into a feature film. There was a tie between Dead Space and Uncharted at 30%. At least fans of Uncharted have some hope because that film has been in some form of preproduction or wiring for some time. It’s nowhere near ready to start filming but at least there are interested parties trying to make it happen. Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm there could be an Indiana Jones reboot that might crush any hope of this one finally happening though. There’s been a huge fan push for Nathan Fillion of Castle and Firefly to take the lead role in an uncharted film and we here at CineGeek could get behind that casting. Mass Effect and Halo were also close contenders in the voting. Gears of War got absolutely zero votes from you guys. Gears is a ton of fun to play but we have to agree that the story is just a mess, definitely a better game than a movie.

The summer season is nearly here and it has us excited for blockbuster films. So the next question is which film are you most excited to see this summer. Some of the contenders are of course Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, Pain and Gain, and Oblivion. Check the poll in the right sidebar and share your opinion!