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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. “Reality” TV is my treasure. These lovely, slightly scripted shows are the backbone to my entertainment, NO… to my life! Drama, Drama, Drama that’s what I want to see, that’s what I want to experience without it occurring in my own life…UNAVOIDABLE. So I ask you, what are the three must see shows in the landfill of television. On top of my list Dance Moms, Bad Girls Club, and the Real Housewives franchise.
Number 1Dance Mom’s: Six kids, five moms, and one hefty instructor adds up to a trash-tastic yet perfect television obsession. Abby Lee Miller runs a dance studio where she instructs an elite group of girls for competitive dance competitions. This is what the show focuses on week to week, the preparation and execution involved with these girls in weekly competition throughout the nation. Of course during the preparation and execution they show the background thoughts and actions of the moms. So the show follows the interactions between the girls and Abby Lee and the moms and Abby Lee, it’s a tri-collision of estrogen… woo hoo! I really love this show because it kind of reminds me of the moms of the south. My mother use to help with the stage shows I was involved with in high school and let me tell you, mothers can be some of the biggest bitches (sorry mom but you know you’re a bitch).
Number 2Bad Girls Club:“Bad girls we like to play rough step to my face and ya gonna get touched bad girls we like to talk tough don’t you wish you could roll with us…” this says it all, the opening lines to Bad Girls Club, which is currently in its 8th season. Seven girls are put away in a house in a different city each season and their daily lives and habits are followed. Alcohol, Sex, and Catfights, a gay mans wet dream… believe me I should know. This is by far the trashiest show on television, girls in their most primitive form. If you ever grew up watching the women in your house this show is ten times better plus it gives me an explanation into why women are the way they are.
Number 3The Real Housewives Shows: There are so many different versions of this show I cannot possibly be asked to narrow it down to one. The Real Housewives franchise is a series of shows following groups of wealthy, social silicone queens, also known as housewives. While all of these series are so different they all follow the same pattern, groups of women known in their communities and who know each other are shown week to week in some sort of interaction between their personal lives and their lives with each other. While all these women aren’t the typical housewives which myself and I’m sure you are use too but definitely depict the house wives we wish we have experienced.
Ultimately I love all these shows because they involve women. They are the most beautiful, smart, and sexual creatures on this earth… besides me of course. Yet they are the CRAZIEST, OVERDRAMITIC succubus’s, which makes for excellent television and which makes me want to be them. Seriously though, these three shows really capture my attention because there are relatable, whilst totally scripted or provoked you observe things that find similarities to the reality of your own life. My life just happens to be full of women and trash TV.