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It’s time to get right to the goods this week with a gallery of early stills from the upcoming Ender’s Game film adaptation. Well there’s really only one image of note and that’s a shot from the set of the film. For those of us who love the book it’s still exciting to see the team patches brought to life, which makes up the remainder of the images. We are also featuring the first early image that was released from the film too.

Ender’s Game stars Asa Butterfield from Hugo as our hero along with Harrison Ford, Abigail Breslin, Viola Davis, and Ben Kingsley and it’s based on the book series by Orson Scott Card. The film is being directed by Gavin Hood who previously brought us X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film is currently in post production and set to be released later this year.

We aren’t done though! One of last year’s best films and arguably last year’s best animated film Wreck-It-Ralph is hitting DVD and Blu-Ray shortly and to celebrate we’ve got some behind the scenes clips! The movie follows a videogame bad guy desperate to become more than just a pixelated villain. He wants to be a hero and more importantly he wants some friends. The film follows his adventure as he seeks his goal. Check out these clips!

Bonus Clip: Sugar Rush – The animators share the original inspiration for Sugar Rush- the architecture of Antoni Gaudi and how concept models of the game’s landscape were made out of actual candy and cookies!

Bonus Clip: Creating the 8 Bit World – The animators discuss creating the different worlds within Wreck-It Ralph and what it was like asking some of the best animators in the business to ignore years of training to go back to linear worlds and pixelated characters.

Bonus! Check out this trailer for an upcoming Batman documentary!