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So our previous fan poll is over and Joss Whedon took the most votes for who might be the perfect pick for the follow up installment to the Star Wars franchise after JJ Abrams completes the first film in the new series. The man that made the Avengers received over 41% of the votes. The next closest pick was Brad Bird at nearly 24% and Mathew Vaughn was third with nearly 18%. We’ll discuss our thoughts on this week’s episode of the CineGeek webcast live on Ustream Wednesday nights starting at 6:30 central and available in audio form from Stitcher Radio and in iTunes Thursday mornings.

With this week’s premiere of the Netflix original series House of Cards we started wondering, how do you consume your media? Where do you watch the most of your television shows and other media? Hit the pole and let us know. Check the poll in the right sidebar here at the site and give us your answer. That’s right, the pop up was even starting to annoy us and we have a pretty high tolerance for these sorts of things!

Poll closes next Tuesday morning so vote fast!