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There’s a link at the top of our page you may not have clicked called “CineGeek TV”. On the page that follows the link you’ll find that we are posting CineGeek projects including our documentary series called Con Trek and Culture Smash specials but there you’ll also find that we have begun curating for you some of the what the internet has to offer as far as original genre content. We kick the whole process off by bringing you the entire first season of the Bryan Singer produced sci-fi series called H+. There are 39 episodes of the first season with each episode being under ten minutes. If you’re a fan of mysterious genre shows such as LOST this is a must see. Productions values are very high for internet TV and the execution of the story is pretty great.

We’ll be scouring the web and putting more great content on this page either via direct embeds or links so keep an eye out for more. Let us do the work for you! If you know of a web based series that we should consider for the page drop it in the comments below and we’ll take a look. in the meantime head on over and get caught up on H+!