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Remember the cult comic book series set in a post apocalyptic world following a spicy young girl who finds herself in constant predicaments where she must kick much ass? Well the creator or the original Tank Girl Alan Martin has partnered with new artist Warwick Johnson Cadwell to bring our precocious heroine back to the pages of comics.

Solid State Tank Girl is a four issue story featuring Tank Girl doing epic battle with an Anti-Tank Girl! The limited series hits store shelves on May 15th courtesy of Titan Comics! The story goes like this:

Tank Girl, Jet Girl, Booga and Barney are back and on a mission to save their favourite little radio store. Things are going according to plan, too, but somewhere along the line Booga manages to electronically summon the gang’s evil counterparts, fronted by the darkest bitch on the planet – ANTI-TANK GIRL! The fight is to the death, as each gang member draws on their deepest, most screwed-up powers to eliminate their own personal nemesis. Things are about to get very dark, very bloody… and very stupid!

The new series will be on store shelves on on digital devices via Comixology!