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Maybe I’m wrong but it seemed like the new Arnold Schwarzenegger film The Last Stand would have easily owned this poll, so we purposefully left that option out of our poll. It was more interesting to see what films our readers were into outside of that retro film. We could be wrong about that assumption though; and that will be demonstrated this weekend by the box office when Arnie’s movie opens wide. Bruce Willis, Ryan Gosling, The Rock, and Sylvester Stallone also have action flicks hitting theaters in the upcoming months too though. Which films did you tell us you were most excited about? Here are the results:

A Good Day to Die Hard 57.14%
Gangster Squad 14.29%
GI Joe: Retaliation 14.29%
 Snitch 7.14%
Bullet to the Head 7.14%

So it’s not much of a shocker that Bruce Willis’ next installment in the Die Hard series is top of the list but we would have expected Stallone’s actioner to have done a little better and maybe GI Joe too. The hype around the GI Joe movie was sort of crushed when the studio delayed the film last summer for re-shoots to bring one character back from the dead, sort of, and to do a 3D conversion. The numbers don’t lie, interest has dropped off substantially.

Join us in our next poll and pick the film you believe will be the best picture in the upcoming Oscar ceremony!