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The previous game saw Jonathan from the listener group just barely slip a win from the Alan in the final days of the season. It looked like Niko might have the potential to do the same to Mike but this time it just didn’t happen. The Hobbit underperformed just a bit and Mike had one remaining small movie, This is 40 that made just enough money to keep him ahead of Niko by the skin of his teeth. Mike wins the fall 2012 block by just over $900,000!

Here are the scores updated with weekend numbers:

Stephen  $ 192,608,229.00
Alan  $ 387,225,341.00
Mike  $ 566,998,640.00
Niko  $ 556,065,691.00
Bill  $ 498,722,867.00
Ada  $ 329,979,910.00
Hector  $ 394,404,376.00
Zack  $ 396,876,396.00
Dwayne  $ 142,339,433.00
Jonathan  $ 408,828,187.00