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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is nearing its launch and with that are advance announcements of new gadget goodness. Coby Electronics has announced that their new line of LED TV’s will be bundled with the Roku Streaming Stick. The Roku streaming Stick is basically the Roku box that we all know and love compacted down to a device the size of a USB flash drive. This is something that should have been done a long time ago actually.

Coby products are budget priced typically so knowing that these new TV’s will be Roku ready right out of the box is pretty exciting. If you don’t already own a Roku and have always wanted one this will save you the cost of buying the box and free up some valuable real estate on your home entertainment center.

From the press announcement:

“The Roku Streaming Stick is like a one-stop-shop, instantly turning a TV into a Smart TV,” said Chas Smith, general manager, OEM at Roku.  “Coby has selected Roku to give its customers the most comprehensive selection of streaming entertainment available right from the comfort of their homes.”

Coby’s debut M Series LED TVs – the LEDTVM4278 (SRP* $479) and LEDTVM5078 (SRP $599) – will be bundled with the Roku Streaming Stick, providing a seamless, fully integrated streaming experience.  The wireless Roku Streaming Stick is approximately the size of a USB flash drive, and plugs directly into the TV’s MHL port.  Once connected, the Roku Streaming Stick is recognized by the TV and enables users to access a huge variety of entertainment using the TV remote. Roku’s channel library includes instantly available movies and shows (with a sizable selection in 1080p) from popular services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu and more.  Consumers can also take advantage of authenticated services like HBO GO and EPIX as well as a rich selection of live sports, music, casual games, news and beyond.

We’ll try to get a look at these new devices and give you the low down!