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This week has been kind of a big week for movie trailers and sneak peeks. Of course the elephant in the room is the epic 9 minute Star Trek Into Darkness trailer that will be attached to IMAX showings of The Hobbit but that one’s not online yet. We do have several other great trailers that debuted this week though as well as our regular TV show sneak peeks. Check out The Lone Ranger, Oblivion starring Tom cruise, and the new sci-fi epic After Earth starring the Smith family!

After Earth

The Lone Ranger Trailer

Man of Steel


Syfy Previews

Deals from the Darkside—Season Finale Airs Wednesday at 10/9c.
Beheading Axe – Sneak Peek
SUMMARY: Steve and the team enlist the help of a Blacksmith to try to authenticate an alleged beheading axe.

Is this Jack the Ripper’s Knife? – Clip from ep. 109
SUMMARY: Steve tries to find proof that the knife belonged to Jack the Ripper.

German Handcuffs – Clip from ep. 109
SUMMARY: Steve finds out some worrying news about his pair of German handcuffs.

Cruel Shoes Appraisal – Clip from ep. 109
SUMMARY: Steph meets a Medieval historian to authenticate these torture devices.

Ghost Hunters—New Season Premieres Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 9/8c.
Spooked in the Stacks – Bonus Scene
SUMMARY: Steve and Tango get spooked while investigating the Rochester Public Library.

Into the Depths . . . Or Not – Bonus Scene
SUMMARY: Steve has some trouble going down into the depths of the Rochester Public Library.

Books – Bonus Scene
SUMMARY: Tango and Adam investigate the reports of books flying off of the shelf.

I’m Going to Crush Them – Bonus Scene
SUMMARY: Steve and Tango run into some scary visitors at the Rochester Public Library

Have a great and geeky weekend!