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Comixology is the company behind Marvel and DC‘s digital/mobile comicbook reading applications. The company has its own branded version of the application through which it sells both DC and Marvel comics along with offerings from many different independent publishers. If you are a user of any of these applications either on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC’s, and other devices if you buy an item from Marvel or DC your item is also accessible via the Comixology app. Also, if you take a Marvel or DC book from the Comixology app it will also be accessible via that company’s version of the comic book reader as well. So the point is all of these companies have devised a great way for you to always have access to your digital comics regardless of which version of the application you choose to use.

Now through the Christmas Comixology is gifting a free comic each day. They’ve already given away a Marvel book and a DC book so everyone is getting in the gifting mood! All you have to do is head on over to the Comixology website and grab the book every day. It will be added to your account and you cn download it to whatever device you read comics on! Go get today’s book here: