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We’ve got a lot of great stuff for you this week! So, did you forget about Being Human? We didn’t either. The return of that show is around the corner and we’ve got a little preview for you. Fan films are nothing new, but the Raiders of the Lost Ark fan film, made by a group of children that recounts each and every shot of the film is easily the greatest fan film every made. Now there’s a book about the making of the film hitting newsstands and we’ve got a book traier to get you excited. Hatchet was a truly surprising low budget horror film that truly came from a love of late 70’s and early 80’s classics of the genre. The film was so popular it has spawned a franchise and now we have some early pictures from the 3rd film! We’ve got all of that and a ton more!

Haven: Magic Hour

Scare Tactics

Total Blackout: No Limits Season 2 Premiere

Being Human: be Careful What You Wish For Season Premiere 1/14

Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made trailer