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The weekly tease features all the great teaser images and video from upcoming TV, movies, comics, toys, and much more! This week we get an official trailer for Tarantino XX 8 film Collection that includes every feature film he has directed, a trailer the next Die Hard film, early art from the upcoming Marvel NOW! initiative, and even a new trailer for the Hitchcock biopic.

Two of the teaser images from Marvel NOW! are from an upcoming new series called Superior Spider-man. The concept is that he’s finally taken everything he’s learned as a hero and used it to make himself smarter and faster than ever before. His new atitude also brings a new look.

Scroll on down and take it all in!

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Hitchcock Trailer and stills

Mega Photo Gallery!

Tarantino XX 8 Film Collection Trailer

Die Hard: It’s a Good Day to Die Hard