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The 2012 film Amazing Spider-man featured the well-known wall crawler as a vigilante in street clothes and a red ski mask. Diamond Select Toys has released a bust of this version of Spider-man crafted by Gentle Giant. To be completely honest the origin story of any super hero character is the least interesting to me. It’s not because I think these stories are unimportant. I’ve just been a comic book fan my whole life so I’ve heard the stories over and over and over again. So, I’m just more interested in the characters after they’ve become who they are supposed to be. With that said though, this sort of variant statue is a pretty nifty idea, especially if you already have a Spider-man statue in his full on leotard attire. Imagine having the two statues on a shelf to show the evolution of the character. All you’d need is a straight up Peter Parker statue to start the evolution off. That only works though, if the statues are all fantastic! So let’s take a look at Spidey pre-uniform:
The Statue
Before Peter Parker had his full on Spider-man suit he was hitting the streets in vigilante mode with a simple hood, jacket, and ski hat. There were seeds of the costume that was to come with the cut out sunglasses for eyes and the choice of red for his hood. Those sunglasses are quite the point of contention for many fans, more so than other costume “adjustments” that were made for this film. The fact is that creators have experimented with Spider-man’s costume a great deal over the years so seeing some changes in the movie version shouldn’t be much of a big deal. The truth is though all of these adjustments get old after a while and web head always eventually returns to his classic red and blue design that we all know and love. He had to start somewhere though, and for the movie, this is where it all began.
The bust stands 9’ tall including the base which morphs from Peter Parker’s jacket. The base is formed by a morphed portion of Parker’s leather jacket. It gets the job done but it honestly looks just a little odd. Outside of that little nitpick this is a pretty cool alternate Spidey keepsake for fans of the film. Jacket and mask designs are painted beautifully and the detail is fantastic. Also of particular note are the lines in the hood with Parker twisting his head, nice detail. The base is fairly sturdy if just a little narrow making the whole thing slightly top heavy. It sits steady but it’s not a statue you want to be bumping into very often.
The statue is designed by Gentle Giant, no not the classic rock band, the group responsible for many iconic toy designs from movies and TV including of course several Star Wars designs. They have maintained their reputation with this release with detail, color, and the realistic look of textures. If you’re a fan of the film or a fan of Spider-man in general this statue would make a great addition to your collection. It’s not your typical Spider-man on a wall or shooting a web pose so it’s truly for the hardcore fan. With that in mind you’re probably going to have to grab this one from a hobby shop or the internet.