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When we think of Diamond Select Toys we usually think of the stylish minimates or the super articulated action figures but DST has also dabbled quite a bit with vehicles too! DST has previously released the Back to the Future car and they’ve just announced they’re going back in time, to bring all three eras of that car back to store shelves including the 50’s one, the original one, and the old west one! These cars are 1:15 scale and feature lights and sounds!

Along with BttF Diamond is also bringing us two other cool rides: the hearse/dragster combo from the 1960’s Munsters TV series and the ever popular KITT car from the 1980’s Knight Rider series.These babies are also 1:15 scale replicas with lights and sounds. KITT even gives us some classic car talk:

– “I am K.I.T.T.”
– “All systems functioning”
– “Activate Turbo Boost.”
– “Michael, we are losing power.”
– “Auto Cruise Mode.”
– “Michael, I detect vehicles.”
– “After all, we’re only human.”

KITT also features several great sound effects:

– Turbo Boost
– Scanner
– Revving Engine
– Start Up and Peel Out

Check out the images below and get them below!