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Traditionally toys are meant to be played with and statues are meant to be displayed but some hardcore collector’s just don’t subscribe to tradition. Some collector’s prefer to collect their toys and keep them as pristine as possible in their original packaging. Some do this as an investment, hoping for a great return down the road while others just prefer to have a toy they think is great the way it was originally presented. Diamond Select Toys is one of those companies that truly caters to that level of collector. Not only do they do this by providing highly detailed and pose-able toys but they even take the collector that doesn’t open their packaging into consideration.

Ten years ago the company developed a style of packaging their figures that allowed the action figure to be displayed within the package an still show off its base and any other accessories that came with them. Now they continue that style of packaging meaning that toys you bought back them will look great and uniform with the new releases. The packaging for the new Amazing Spider-Man action figures has been revealed and it looks like the same very familiar blister pack we’re all accustomed to from DST but they’ve also added side art for those collectors that store their toys sideways (like books) on shelves. This art is meant to be attractive and it helps owners quickly access a given toy just by recognizing the figure in the art.

I guess if you’re actually just not going to pull Spidey out of the box at least the box looks cool. Check out these images: