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The zombies are coming, there’s no doubt about it! There are a few options out there for fighting and escaping. Well nothing strikes fear into the heart of your local brain hungry zombie than, you guessed it, the Chevy Cruze! The Cruze gets 42MPG so you can go a long way on just a little fuel which is a good thing if the local gas station is swarmed with the walking dead!

Adding to the Cruze’s infamy among zombies was an interesting trend that appeared when identifying what cities seemed to be safest from a zombie apocalypse. In order, the safest cities are: Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Buffalo, Pittsburg and Minneapolis-St.Paul.

Michigan State University professor Glen Stuzky, who teaches a course on preparedness for a zombie apocalypse, explained the trend by saying, “The data reveals a statistically significant drop in the number of Zombies per square mile (ZpM2) in the cities with the highest number of Cruzes per capita. Apparently, even with minimal brain stem functioning, Zombies have figured out that the 600 miles per tank has put Cruze owners beyond the reach of the Hoard.”

In reaction to the looming zombie apocalypse, OnStar has already started plans to develop Zombie Dodger, a service that will launch in the event of a zombie outbreak. With the push of the OnStar button, a friendly representative will share the locations of the zombies nearest to you and send directions for an escape route. In anticipation,

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Speaking of the walking dead, and we were right? Chevy and Telltale, the makers of the Walking Dead video game have come together to celebrate the Cruze’s ranking as the most feared car by zombies by giving us some copies of the game. That’s right you can practice taking out the walking dead before you have to jump in a Cruze and make a run for it.

We have 10 copies of the game to give away! You’ll get a download code which will work through Steam on both Mac’s and PC’s. Just go to Steam and set up a free account if you don’t already have one and use the code in the redemption section. You’ll get all five episodes of the game! To be entered to win just hit the submit button below and provide your email address and let us know your favorite way to take out a zombie, or just leave your answer in the comments section below!


Contest ends 5/15/12